The Ryan’s World YouTube Chanel has spawned merch, toys, and a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. | Source: Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World is getting even bigger! 

On Thanksgiving, Red Titan from the Ryan’s World YouTube channel will float above New York City in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the third time. To celebrate,, the studio behind Ryan’s World, is launching new collaborations with Roku and the Drone Racing League (DRL). 

After kids watch the Red Titan balloon float through the streets of Manhattan, they can also watch the new Ryan’s World Titan Universe Holiday Adventure special on the Roku Channel Kids & Family. In the special, the Red Titan will save the holidays from bad guys while making memories with his friends, including helping Santa deliver presents, tracking down a gift thief, and spending Christmas on the beach!

The Ryan’s World collaboration with DRL includes merch and a custom drone designed by Ryan. | Source: Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World worked with DRL to make a custom mini drone designed by Ryan himself. Parents can enter a sweepstakes to win the custom drone and a family trip to see the DRL Championship race on Feb. 25 in Miami. To enter the contest, parents just have to go to

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DRL and Ryan’s World also teamed up to make merchandise, including T-shirts and hoodies. The proceeds on merch sales go to FIRST, an educational STEM group that encourages kids to develop scientific skills. 

Ryan’s World Mega Mecha Titan Robot | Source: Bonkers Toys

On top of drones, merchandise, and a holiday special, Bonkers Toys also has a line of Ryan’s World toys, including the Micro Mecha Titan ($29.99), the Mega Mecha Titan Robot ($41.99), the Mighty Titan Mystery Egg ($59), and the Titan Universe Mystery Fortress playset ($39.99). Each Ryan’s World toy features characters from Ryan’s World and unboxing surprises that kids can unwrap. 

With all these new developments, Ryan’s World is bigger than ever!

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