There are more than 100 categories cards to answer in this party game. | Source: Winning Moves Games/the Toy Insider

It’s been more than 30 years since the first release of Scattergories, a category-based party game that challenged players to give unique answers matching both a specific category and an initial letter. Now, the classic competition is back with a twist!

Scattergories Stackagories from Winning Moves Games follows some of the same basic rules as the original game, but with some fun changes. It comes with 100 double-sided category cards, 23 letter cards, and a 60-second sand timer. It also includes four sets of plastic stacking pieces in different colors: red, blue, yellow, and green (12 of each color).

Two to four players each get to control their own colored pieces. To set up the game, players begin by laying out nine random letter cards in a square formation. Then, they can flip over a category card and the timer. The category cards include a variety of topics, such as “things in a purse or wallet,” “vegetables,” and “types of weather.” In the original Scattergories, players would write answers in their own little book, but this newer version turns the competition up a notch by allowing players to shout out their answers instead.

Climb to the top of the stack in Scattergories Stackagories. | Source: Winning Moves Games

Players can simultaneously shout out answers that match the category card, but only if they start with one of the letters flipped up among the letter cards. If no other players question the validity of the answer, that player can then place one of their stacking pieces on the corresponding letter. If a different player gives a correct answer for the same letter as another, they can stack one of their plastic pieces on top of the original piece. Play continues until the timer runs out.

When the round ends, it’s time to add up the points! There are numerous ways to earn points, including the player who has the piece on top of a stack of other pieces; the player with the only piece on a letter; or the player who gets three of their pieces across in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line (just like tic-tac-toe!). After counting up points, players can take their pieces back to play a new category. The game continues until someone reaches 50 points, making them the winner!

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The best part about Scattergories Stackagories is that there’s always a chance to win, even if you seem to be behind. The diversity in the topics means players may struggle to come up with answers with one category card, but earn even more points in the next. For example, I didn’t know many answers for “magazines current or old,” but won more than 10 points in “types of fish.” Giving answers for a variety of categories also helps teach kids quick, out-of-the-box thinking.

While the game is recommended for kids ages 12 and up, younger kids can enjoy it, too. Parents can sort through the category cards and find more appropriate topics that most kids could answer, such as “something outside” or “something gross.”

Each game tends to last around 30 minutes, but players can always reduce the number of points needed to win in order to create shorter games. After playing, all of the cards and pieces fit back into the box, making the game easy to take on the go.

Scattergories Stackagories will surely stir up some nostalgia among older players and be a hit for kids at your next family game night.

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