There are only 1,750 Pink Unicorns in existence. | Source: Schleich

Make this Valentine’s Day magical with a collection of Schleich’s new unicorn figures.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Schleich’s collection features three members of a unicorn family — a foal, a mare, and a stallion — as well as a limited-edition pink unicorn. 

The Rainbow Love Unicorn Foal, available for $9.99, features a mane and a tail streaked with radiant rainbow coloring. Its metallic golden horn is dazzling, while its legs are twinkling with a glittery gold. The Rainbow Love Unicorn Mare ($19.99) has a pearly white coat, a glimmering rainbow mane and tail, and a copper horn. Similarly, the Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion ($19.99) features a rainbow mane and a tail complete with a shining silver horn.

The Limited-Edition Pink Unicorn, available for $29.99, is a majestic rare gem available only on the Schleich website. Only 1,750 of these unicorns exist in the world, so act fast to bring home this mesmerizing, rose-colored creature.

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Families can also download free coloring sheets and DIY Valentine’s Day cards on the Schleich website. The coloring sheets portray animals with Valentine’s Day wishes, such as a dog saying “I chews you!” The Valentine’s Day cards feature puns related to the holiday, such as “Of horse I’ll be your Valentine!” Kids can add color and decoration to the cards before affixing their favorite Schleich figure to the card with twine, ribbon, or colorful tape.

The Schleich unicorn figures and activities are sure to make this Valentine’s Day enchanting.

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