how to help your kids transition back to school

how to help your kids transition back to schoolBack to school is an exciting time for kids, but sometimes it can be difficult to transition from those lazy days of summer to a packed schedule of sports and study time. Here are some products, tips and tricks to help make the school transition a little bit smoother, and the new routines a little less painful!


Recreate Your Routine

It’s difficult to pick up where you left off after a long summer break. Some kids have trouble transitioning to a new routine or getting back to their morning procedures.

If you don’t already have one, consider purchasing a special alarm clock to help your children wake up and go to bed on time. The iHome iBT29 from eKids is fun for older kids, with its bluetooth capability and glowing lights. It can also play music from most devices, and was featured in The Toy Insider’s Best Back to School Gear. Younger kids might appreciate a familiar face helping them rise and shine during the school year, like The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet digital alarm clock by ClicTime.

how to help your kids transition back to school

Communicate with Ease

School can be a busy time, so keep track of your kids and let them connect with one another in a safe manner. The Kurio Watch from KD Interactive takes kid communication to a whole new level!  This smartwatch contains a camera, activity tracker, games, music, and so much more. Kids can even connect watch to watch or to family members’ devices via Bluetooth. There is even a kid-safe messaging app to share their voice recordings and drawings.

how to help your kids transition back to school

Keep a Calendar

In this digital age we are used to storing calendars in our phones and tablets. However, kids can still benefit from seeing their routines written in front of them. Hang a wall calendar in your kitchen or share a pocket calendar with your kids to help them keep track of daily routines and school schedules. If they’re old enough, have them write their own agendas down so they know what to expect in the days ahead.

how to help your kids transition back to school

Practice Relaxation

If it’s tough for your kids to unwind at the end of the school day, or if they are anxious about going to school the next morning, consider having a sleep buddy or something soothing to help them fall asleep on school nights. The Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams from Moose Toys lights up with three different sparkle modes, and is a great way to soothe fears at night.


Send a Note from Home

A note from home can mean the world to a child who is anxious about returning to school. Grab some markers and Post-It notes and add an inspiring message to your child’s lunch box. You’d be surprised how much your words can mean! Read more about how creative lunch box notes can help ease anxiety in my post at The Jersey Momma.

how to help your kids transition back to school

Find the Right Supplies

Exciting new school supplies are a fun way to start the school year. Be sure to get what your child needs, along with some fun goodies, too! Scented pencils, colorful notebooks, cute clip-ons, and cool backpacks are small ways to make kids eager about an upcoming school year. Be sure to check out all of my Must Have Back to School Supply Suggestions before you do your shopping!

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Have a happy school year!

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