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Babies have a lot to learn — and toys can really help them along their developmental journey. 

At 5 months old, babies enter a developmental boom. They are curious, active, and ready to play. Creative Kids’ Sense & Grow Sensory Magic Tissue Box is a great product that helps babies engage babies’ sense and help them discover new colors, textures, and more. 

New parents often hear a lot about “fine motor development,” which basically means doing activities that require the use of small muscles in the hands and wrist, so think things like picking things up, holding things and passing them from hand to hand, and using utensils. This Tissue Box is practically magic for helping babies with this skill set — and it will keep them engaged for a long time (no easy task). 

The Tissue Box itself is made of a soft plush material with a weighted bottom. It features super bright colors and interesting patterns to visually stimulate babies. Hidden inside, babies will find scarves of all different colors and textures made of different materials, including sheer, tulle, cotton, and felt. Some have fuzzy polka dots, some are heavier than others, and there are so many colors, patterns, and feelings for babies to explore with their hands. These materials are all things babies will be exposed to later in life through their clothes and other textiles, so it’s nice to give them an early familiarity. 

The tissue box is super soft, so parents don’t have to worry about any hard edges or sharp corners while kids play. | Source: Creative Kids

When kids pull each scarf out of the tissue box, they are also practicing their pincer grasp, which is key to mastering other skills later in life, like self-feeding, buttoning and zippering clothing, and even writing with a pencil. 

Parents should be prepared to play along with their babies, showing them how to remove the scarves, and also getting ready to put them all back in to repeat the play pattern over and over (and over and over and over). Caregivers should be aware that the scarves are relatively thin and babies will naturally explore each one with their mouths (which is basically what they do with everything at this age) so it’s best to play alongside them and keep them on task. 

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I love how soft the tissue box is, which means parents won’t need to worry about any heavy wooden pieces or hard edges. This toy is perfect when babies are sitting up (assisted or on their own) or you can even place it in front of them during tummy time, making it versatile for babies at different developmental stages. 

Creative Kids Sense & Grow Tissue Box is a great gift for a new baby, or the perfect addition to a baby registry. This toy will really help kids hit some of those key developmental milestones, learn about the world around them, and have fun while doing so.

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