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Hand2mind has decided to take “STEM” very literally with its latest activity set, which uses leaves and trees to teach kids about math!

The Sensory Leaves Math Activity Set is designed for kids ages 3 and up. It comes with 36 colorful, plastic leaves in six different shapes, all featuring raised bugs and a variety of textures to engage kids’ sense of touch. The leaves are also made entirely of recycled plastic and come in plastic-free packaging for an eco-friendly play experience.

In addition to the leaves, this set comes with 10 double-sided activity mats and a detailed play guide. The mats feature a variety of themed scenes, including picnic tables, trees, and wheelbarrows. Within the guide, which is made for adults, there are 20 detailed activities that utilize these play mats and leaves. The activities (which sometimes also incorporate paper, a pencil, and/or a die — not included) mostly introduce kids to different math concepts, including addition, subtraction, sorting, and sequencing.

Source: hand2mind

For example, kids can use the card with the wheelbarrows to sort the leaves. As the guide notes, an adult can encourage kids to sort the leaves “into” the wheelbarrows by size or by the number of bugs on them. The guide also offers examples of questions to ask during each activity to encourage additional, critical thinking. In this case, those questions include “How many leaves are in each group?” and “What other ways can we sort the leaves?”

While most of the activities are math-based, there are also a few that lean into the set’s nature theme, teaching kids about the parts of a leaf and how to identify different trees by their leaf shapes.

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These activities, and this set as a whole, are really designed for kids to enjoy with adult guidance. While kids can certainly have fun feeling the leaves and exploring their attributes, the activity set really shines because of the detailed, innovative guide. By approaching math concepts in a very tactile and engaging way, this set is a way to get both math lovers and reluctant learners interested in STEM (and stem!) concepts.

On top of that, all of the components of this set are well-made and durable. The mats may be made of paper, but it’s sturdy and not easy to tear. Then, when playtime is over, all of the pieces fit nicely back in the box for easy storage.

You won’t beleaf how much play and learning value you’ll find in this set!

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