Turn Any Floor into Colorful Lava with Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles
Each set of Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles comes with six vibrant hues. | Source: Edusense/The Toy Insider

Sometimes the best toys are not the ones with all of the bells and whistles, but instead open-ended playthings that leave the fun up to kids’ greatest tool: their imaginations!

Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles from Edusense provide kids with a truly unique experience. The nearly 20-inch square tiles feature a flowy, colored liquid inside that moves in organic ways when kids step on or touch them. The colors are super bright and striking against the white background of the tile, which provides some nice contrast to enhance the sensory explosion. 

Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles can easily be stacked for storage. | Source: Edusense

The tiles feature a no-slip backing, so they stay in place on hardwood and tile floors. They don’t interlock or connect, but kids can place them right next to each other for a larger play space, or separate them for different activities. 

The best part about these tiles is how open-ended and simple they are. Kids can play a colorful game of hopscotch, the floor is lava, or just about anything else they can think of. The liquid in the tiles moves in different ways depending on how pressure is applied, so kids can get totally lost in this sensory experience without it getting too boring. 

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These tiles can grow with kids for years. Babies as young as 1 will love exploring the bright colors, and older kids in their preschool years and beyond will love inventing new games to play with them. The tiles are high-quality, easy to stack and store, and super versatile. Prepare for a never-ending sensory experience with the Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles. 

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