These oversized food plush are silly but practical! | Source: Just Play/The Toy Insider

Can I interest you in a giant, squishy hamburger?

It sounds a little silly, but that’s exactly what kids will get with Seriously Super Sized, a line of fun, photo-realistic, food-themed plush from Just Play. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the first series of Seriously Super Sized plush includes three large, stuffed foods that are sold separately: a sushi roll, a cheeseburger, and a chicken drumstick.

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Each of these comfy, oversized plush toys is shaped like its respective food and measures either 24 inches (the sushi and burger) or 32 inches (the chicken) long. This makes them the perfect size to use as a piece of bed or couch decor, a desk chair accessory, a comfy pillow for travel, or even a makeshift dog bed.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this foodie plush collection is the packaging, which is deceptively small. Inside each box, the Seriously Super Sized food is vacuum-sealed in plastic, making the plush significantly smaller. Once you puncture the plastic and air gets in, the plush will quickly start to expand. It is best for a teen or adult to complete this portion of the unboxing experience to ensure that the plush doesn’t accidentally get cut.

The cheeseburger Seriously Super Sized plush toy | Source: Just Play

Once the Seriously Super Sized food is out of its packaging, it will continue to expand more and more over the following hours until it’s at its full size and squish level. Kids can help this process along by fluffing up the toy, just as you would with a pillow.

Overall, these food-themed plush are the perfect combination of silly and practical, making them a great gift for little ones and tweens alike. Food-themed toys are all the rage this holiday season, and the first series of Seriously Super Sized certainly fits in. Now only one question remains: What foodie faves are on the menu for the second series?

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