Elmo will stomp his way into your kid’s heart | Source: Just Play/The Toy Insider

Kids can’t help but smile when they hear Elmo‘s iconic giggle, but this year Elmo is roaring his way into a dino-mite dimension.

Dino Stomp Elmo from Just Play is an interactive, dinosaur-themed Elmo plush toy that combines preschoolers‘ love of Sesame Street, Elmo, and Dinosaurs for a trifecta of toy perfection.

Sesame Street has stomped its way into 2023 with new episodes featuring dinosaurs. Elmo, Abby, Cookie Monster, and their friends learn all about dinosaurs, paleontologists, and fossils from three new Sesame Street episodes: “How to Build a Dinosaur,” “When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street,” and “Dinosaur on Sesame Street!” It is a logical leap that Elmo would want to dress up as a dinosaur just like his preschooler friends who love to engage in pretend play, too.

Getting Dino Stomp Elmo out of the box is quick and easy with a couple of snips from scissors and switching the toy from “try me” mode to “on.” Parents will appreciate the hidden “off” button behind the secure velcro straps on Elmo’s back, but design-wise, kids will barely notice the seam.

Using the melody from “When You’re Happy And You Know It,” Elmo sings a song that encourages kids to get moving. From clapping to stomping, kids can work on listening, attentiveness, executive functioning, and gross motor skills while playing with Elmo. While Elmo features some fun movements, including lifting his feet in a stomping motion and lifting his arm with every loud “roar,” the toy remains stationary and does not move forward or backward. When Elmo is asleep or switched off, he can act as a soothing, cuddly companion, helping kids work on empathy and friendship skills.

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This is the toy to gift for any little Sesame Street fan, Elmo enthusiast, or dinosaur lover. Additionally, specialists who want to work on occupational skills, group interactivity, or cause and effect with children’s skills should also put Elmo on their list!

From giggles galore to roars and rhythms, the only thing you’ll have to consider is whether you want it gift raptor it, or not.

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