Four new episodes of Sesame Street are dropping on Cartoonito in February! | Source: HBO

A new month means new episodes of Sesame Street on HBO’s Cartoonito. Four new episodes of the beloved kids show are premiering in February to teach kids about compromise, friendship, and other big topics.

New episodes of Sesame Street come out every Thursday, starting on Feb. 2, with “Family Album.” In this new episode, Gabrielle and Tamir are making a photo album for their grandma when they lose the photos, so Elmo and Abby have to help them find them. “Family Album” will teach kids about melanin and how family members can look the same or different, but they’re still family either way. 

Award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay will be in an episode of Sesame Street in February! | Source: HBO

In “Rockin’ with Elmo and Abby,” which comes out on Feb. 9, the two friends learn to compromise to create “The Best Friend Song.” Award-winning director Ava DuVernay is making a guest appearance in Feb. 16’s “Read-and-Share” episode as Elmo, Gabrielle, and Ji-Young share books about things that make them feel special. Finally, “Just Right” teaches kids that they can act out any part of a story, no matter what they look like. “Just Right” comes out on Feb. 23. 

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Kids can spend Thursdays with their favorite Sesame Street pals this February!

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