Kids enjoying the competition of Sew Fast | Source: Fat Brain Toys

Kids will needle the sewing skills they can get in Sew Fast, a fast-paced game from Fat Brain Toys!

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, Sew Fast requires quick hands and a strategic mind. The game comes with 40 challenge cards, two sewing boards, and two strings in each of three colors: yellow, blue, and pink.

Sew Fast box | Source: Fat Brain Toys

Although there are many ways to play, the basic rules always stay the same. Each player gets their own sewing board and one string of each color. The strings and sewing boards must remain untouched until a player flips over a challenge card. Each colored-coded card, ranging in difficulty from easy to extra hard, features a picture of a sewing pattern using any of the colored strings. Players then race to thread their string (or strings) through the holes of their sewing board to match the challenge card exactly. 

Players have to be especially thoughtful about their moves, threading the strings through the exact holes, while making sure that all overlapping strings match the challenge cards. Players are not allowed to slide their strings under other strings to fix their order, either, so they must thread the strings in the correct order to win the challenge. Once a player thinks they’ve gotten it correct, they must shout “Sew Fast!” Then, the other player can check over their sewing board to make sure it’s a perfect match. If a player incorrectly sews their pattern, they need to remove the offending strings and fix their mistake before the other player finishes.

Sew Fast contents | Source: Fat Brain Toys

Kids can even have fun playing Sew Fast on their own! They can challenge themselves by working through the difficulty levels of each challenge card category, set a timer and figure out how many cards they can complete in a limited amount of time, or try to complete each card challenge in less than 30 seconds. As kids have fun learning new strategies or new ways to play, they will also be working on their fine motor skills and critical thinking. 

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Sew Fast is also the perfect competitive or solo game to take on the go. The game has very few pieces and comes in compact packaging, so kids can play it to stay busy on long car trips or plane rides this summer. 

With easy-to-learn rules and endless ways to play, Sew Fast will knot disappoint!

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