Shawn, is that you? Where are ya boy? I can’t see your cute puppy eyes under all that hair—you look like Cousin It! Oh gee, you’re shaggy, Shawn.

Shawn’s been a bit of a rebellious terrier pup lately and has been avoiding his visit to the salon. With FurReal Friends Shaggy Shawn, from Hasbro, it will be the kids job to assume the role of a hair stylist and clean this pup up.

Now folks, if you thought Uncle Jesse from Full House had a dreamy head of hair, wait until you see Shawny boy’s. Not only does Shawn have a beard that needs to be styled, but a head of hair that needs to be primped and primed. Kids can get creative with what type of ‘do they give him. Perhaps a mohawk? A comb-over? A fancy mustache? It’s all up to our junior hair stylists. Just make sure the kids know they can’t use scissors or outside product on Shawn.

Shawn comes with his own buzzer tool, that vibrates and buzzes (but doesn’t actually shave or cut), to give kids a realistic styling experiencing. For a shaggy pup, his hair is easily stylable (no knots whatsoever!) and kids will love running their hands through it. Plus, Shawn’s fuzzy little body is SO hard to not pet. 

Shawn is slightly smaller than a volleyball (easy-to-bring in the car!) and has posable legs so kids can position him to be on all fours, however, Shawn is not a walking dog. While he’s not the type of toy kids will bring to bed with them and, instead, will probably keep on a shelf, his firm stature makes him perfect for a hair style sesh, as he’ll be still!

As kids tidy up his treads, Shawn will woof and whimper. Oh Shawn, stop your whining, wait until we show you your new look in the mirror! Behold the moment of truth….

YASSSS Shawn, good looks my friend! 

Shawn requires three “A76” batteries; demo batteries included.

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