Kids Will Shake with Delight While with this feature plush

  •  Interactive plush that shakes with anxiety
  • Makes sounds and says phrases from Inside Out 2
  • Features poseable arms

The Shaking with Anxiety plush is an interactive toy designed for kids ages 3 and up that is based on the new character from Inside Out 2! When kids twist Anxiety’s tuft of hair, her eye balls quiver and she says phrases from the movie, including phrases like “Are they talking about us?!” The more times kids twist Anxiety’s hair, the longer she speaks. Anxiety also has poseable arms that can be twisted into many positions. 

Even though we have yet to meet Anxiety on the big screen, this plush shows she is definitely going to be a fan favorite. The sounds and phrases Anxiety makes can be funny and engaging but also normalize feelings of anxiety, which can be helpful for kids who are afraid of being judged for their anxieties. 

Anxiety comes in “Try Me” mode. To turn the plush all the way on, open up her shirt and flip the switch on her back. Also, Anxiety may be a plush, but she isn’t very snuggly, with most of her body being hard.

Inside Out fans; kids with anxiety; parents looking for MESH-focused toys


When kids play with this Anxiety plush, all of their own anxieties will go away! When kids twist Anxiety's hair, she shakes and says phrases from Inside Out 2 as her eyes quiver. The more kids twist her hair, the more she shakes and talks. This 13-inch plush has articulated arms, shapable hair, and embroidered…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $24.99
  • Age:
  • 3+

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