The Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone features bright green colors. | Source: Skyrocket/the Toy Insider

This may just be the drone you’ve been looking for.

Long gone are the days where drones were a futuristic idea in sci-fi films. They’re more accessible than ever — and more affordable. The Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone from Skyrocket features tech that seems like it came out of a movie and is only $39.99.

The 7-inch drone is made with Surface Scan Technology, which means even when kids let go of the controls it can stay in one spot. Teens ages 12 and up can control it from up to 100 feet away, so this added stability is helpful when it gets a little too far away. Trees are often the greatest enemy for a drone endeavor so teens don’t have to worry about it flying out of hand. Still, we recommend flying this toy in an open area, free from the chance of tree-mendous issues.

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Stunts are what makes the drone stand out from others. At the touch of a button it can do barrel rolls and spins. Teens can also fly it forwards, backwards, and sideways. The stunts are best shared with friends, if they have a pal with the same drone — even better! They can create an airshow and compete against each other to see who’s the true drone pro.

Skyrocket has a variety of drones for different purposes. The Fury is the second biggest, making it a great beginner drone before moving onto ones with camera ability.

Time flies, now kids can too!

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