Kids and teens love the excitement of a first-person shooter video game, but sometimes parents want them to get outdoors and get active. The new line of Faction Gel Blasters from Skyrocket brings that video game excitement into the real world so teens can enjoy their favorite games while taking a break from the couch!

Faction Gel Blasters use Bluetooth, GPS, and Cloud Server technology to create an interactive arena in a local park or neighborhood. Teens can connect the gel bead blasters to the Faction app through smartphones, which brings structure to kids’ battles. Players can choose a game mode, pick teams, keep score, track their stats, and stay informed with audio and screen updates. Plus, each blaster comes with a Smart Beacon for the ultimate target practice. Teens can play single or multi-player games, track accuracy and hits, and get a scoring summary and the highest score to beat.

Faction Havoc Gel Bead Blaster | Source: Skyrocket

Teens can use the Faction Havoc Gel Bead Blaster to shoot faster, harder, and longer while never running out of ammo before their opponent. Havoc comes with a Bluetooth-connected Smart Beacon that teens can use for target practice, with or without connecting to the Faction app. Players can connect to the Faction Battle Server and host a multiplayer game in which the beacon becomes a defeatable tower, a bomb to defuse, a flag to capture, and much more. This blaster is recommended for teens ages 14 and up and is available for $79.99 at Walmart, Amazon and Target.

Faction Spectre Gel Bead Blaster | Source: Skyrocket

The Faction Spectre Gel Bead Blaster packs a safe but serious punch, delivering all the thrills and features of a high-performance blaster at an entry-level price point for teens ages 14 and up. Spectre has three blasting modes: single fire, burst, and full auto. It comes with 10,000 Faction gel beads, 500 glow-in-the-dark gel beads, and protective eyewear. This blaster is available for $49.99 at Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

Faction Skyfire Tactical Drone | Source: Skyrocket

The Faction Skyfire Tactical Drone flies by itself on auto-pilot, levitating and maneuvering to avoid your attacks. Kids ages 8 and up can track their hits, accuracy, and reaction times with the Faction app or just have fun flying it around like a regular drone. Skyfire is the ultimate companion for a Faction Gel Blaster … or any gel or foam dart blaster kids already own. The drone is available for $34.99 at Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

Faction Sentinel Turret Gel Bead Blaster | Source: Skyrocket

Lastly, kids can use the Faction Sentinel Turret Gel Bead Blaster to unleash a hailstorm of gel beads on their opponent from up to 100 feet away using a remote control. If their target tries to evade their reach, they can even pivot side-to-side 320 degrees. The turret is available for $69.99 at Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

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