The Slumberkins TV show is based on the Slumberkins book characters. | Source: Apple TV+

Slumberkins have never been so alive. 

The Jim Henson Co. and Apple TV+ are teaming up to bring a new kids’ show about the Slumberkins to the streaming service.

The Slumberkins TV series is a mixed-media puppet and 2D show based on the Slumberkins books. There are currently more than 30 Slumberkins books, such as Yak Struggles with Mistakes and Unicorn Let Your Light Shine, with plenty of social-emotional lessons to adapt to the screen. 

Some of the Slumberkins main characters include Bigfoot, Unicorn, and Fox. | Source: Apple TV+

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The Slumberkins trailer introduced kids to the main characters of the show: Yak, Fox, Sloth, Unicorn, and Bigfoot. Throughout the show, the gang will learn emotional lessons. For example, one scene in the trailer shows Bigfoot accidentally breaking his ukulele and being afraid that his dad was going to be mad at him. Bigfoot’s dad says that his love for Bigfoot is unbreakable, even though a ukulele is. The show will also tackle friendship, other friends’ feelings, listening skills, and more.

Slumberkins will be available to stream on Apple TV+ starting on Nov. 4. Families can find Slumberkins toys and books at Check out the trailer below!

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