From the never-ending selection of TV and YouTube shows to distractions around every corner, attention spans are shrinking. Capture — and keep — kids’ interest with the Smarty Pad, an interactive tablet from Flycatcher.

Designed for preschoolers ages 3-5, this hand-held tablet features 12 educational games, LED visuals, and motion sensors that encourage sensory play to improve cognition and fine motor skills. The games are created from a skill-based curriculum that helps preschoolers learn and practice the alphabet, colors, numbers, and beginner coding, with three different games for each category.

The tablet engages kids’ brains in immersive ways that will make them really dive into each topic. For example, in some toys, kids sing the alphabet over and over to learn the different letters, which is great, but the Smarty Pad takes it a step further. In the “Alphabet” category, kids will see visuals of letters, hear sounds that the letters make, and see images that start with different letters. Kids will learn to really think about the letters visually and phonetically, as well as thinking about words and spelling in more complex ways.

In the “Colors” category, kids can touch any color and the tablet will name the color and display an image in that color. The “Colors” games will test players’ memory by repeating color patterns, but also go beyond pure memorization by making them “catch” certain colors and associate real-life objects and animals with colors. The “Numbers” category shows numerals 1-25 with both a numeral on the screen and audio for that numeral. The “Coding” category will teach kids about the basics of coding through sequencing, colors, and mazes.

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The games vary in how challenging they are, adding more play value to the Smarty Pad because kids can move on to more difficult games once they master the easier ones. It also means that siblings who are a few years apart can share the toy even if they are learning different things in school. There are also more than 100 random responses that help create an interactive experience to gives kids new reactions and different outcomes each time they play.

Kids can push the LED lights like buttons and tilt the pad for movement, which makes it feel like a video game. The way the tablet lights up and responds gives it a cheerful personality that will keep kids so entertained that they won’t even know they’re learning. Another bonus is that the Smarty Pad is bilingual so kids can play and learn in both English and Spanish.

There’s so much educational content in one toy, and priced at $34.99, you’re really getting your money’s worth. Turn your preschooler into a Smarty Pants with the Smarty Pad now!

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