Kids can get off to a good start playing Smurfs Kart with a speed boost. | Source: Microids

Nothing will get the heart racing this November like playing the new Smurfs Kart video game on Nintendo Switch. 

Microids and IMPS are developing an all-new racing game with Eden Games that takes the Smurfs from zero to 60 as players speed through 12 race tracks from the forest to Gargamel’s house. Smurfs Kart features 12 playable Smurfs characters, including Handy, Hefty, Smurfette, and Papa Smurf. Each character has their own personalized kart and a special item to keep players one step ahead of the competition. 

A new trailer for the game brings players to Smurfs Driving School, showing them the basics of the game, such as drifting, using special items like speed-boosting sarsaparilla and protective bubbles, and taking shortcuts. Using all of these tips, players will overcome their opponents and take first place in any Smurfs race. 

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Kids can play Smurfs Kart alone or with a group of four players using the split-screen option. Players can also race Smurfs in their specialty course to take the top of the leaderboard in a Time Challenge. 

Smurfs Kart comes out on the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15. The game will come with sticker boards and a Papa Smurf embroidered patch to decorate notebooks, jackets, and other items with Smurfs swag.

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