The Snuggle Puppy Hero has three points of sensory stimulation. | Source: Snuggle Puppy

For young kids, the world can be crazy and overwhelming. Loud noises and bright lights can make them uncomfortable. The Snuggle Puppy Hero helps kids decompress after a long day.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Snuggle Puppy Hero has the plush comfort of a stuffed animal, but has even more sensory experiences. The Hero has silicone corners on the cape for tactile stimulation or chewing. 

The Snuggle Puppy Hero has comfort at home and on the go! | Source: Snuggle Puppy

Kids can also put the Real Feel Heartbeat in the puppy’s stomach pouch so each hug feels like hugging their own pet or a loved one. The Real Feel Heartbeat has two settings: continuous and a timed heartbeat that switches off after 8 hours. The included AAA batteries can last up to two weeks in continuous mode, so kids will have days of comfort before adults have to replace them.

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The Snuggle Puppy Hero is available at for $64.95. Whether kids are using the Snuggle Puppy Hero to relax at the end of a long day or to lull them to sleep, they can find comfort in this plush toy.

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