Mind the Gap brings people of all generations together. | Source: SolidRoots

The family-owned company SolidRoots has a variety of party games and card games that bring people of all ages together. Some of their most popular games include Launch Party, Game of Phones, and Mind the Gap.

Launch Party is a card game intended for three or more players ages 12 and up. This game raises the stakes on Shark Tank, encouraging players to come up with their best pitches for a new product or a solution to a problem. Whoever has the best pitch gets a billion dollar chip and the player with the most money at the end wins. However, there are other cards that can stop pitches, steal money, allow you to merge with other players, or just earn money. Launch Party is available for $24.95 on Amazon.

Game of Phones is another party game made for three or more players ages 13 and up. The game presents challenges that have to do with your smartphone, such as finding text messages, photos, cat memes, dog videos, and everything in between. You may also have to take selfies, create emoji art, or send texts. For example, some prompts include “The most missed calls from the last week wins this card” and “Show the last photo you received in a group message before the game started.” The responses that are funniest, weirdest, cutest, or most liked win. Since the internet is endless, no two games are the same. Game of Phones is available for $24.99 on Amazon.

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Mind the Gap is a trivia board game intended for 2-20 players ages 10 and up. Teams can work together to answer pop culture questions from the Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z generations. With categories such as TV/film, pop culture, music, headlines, and slang/slogans, this game is sure to have the whole family entertained. To make things even more interesting, challenge spaces require players to act out famous scenes, hum a well-known tune, or dance the hippest dances from all the eras. Mind the Gap is available on Amazon for $29.99.

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