Kids can now be responsible for getting those hot rods ready to rumble! Available now for the Nintendo Switch comes Speed Crew, a video game that inserts users into the world of an elite pit crew.

With a storyline starring the anti-hero Dominion Torrento, this game from Indie Ukrainian publisher Wild Fields pulls players into a high-octane world of racecar repair. Gamers will have to work together to win championships across four chaotic decades from the ‘00s to the ‘70s, diagnosing car troubles, avoiding hazards, completing challenges, and navigating 48 levels of gameplay. 

Stylized graphics bring this elite crew into retro, playful territory. Speed Crew offers 8-10 hours of pedal-to-the-metal action, with future updates and DLCs holding the promise of even more automobile mania. 

Speed Crew is recommended for players of all ages and skill levels. Online multiplayer options multiply the fun factor, and with teamwork being the impetus, kids are bound to learn a thing or two (and not just about suspension, pistons, and carburetors).

Designed for 1-4 players, the game is available for download on the Nintendo Store for $19.99. Whether playing at home on the TV or going handheld at a pit stop of your own on long family trips, Speed Crew is sure to give the good times a little extra gas.

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Madison Patterson

Madison Patterson

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