Kids can control the Sphero Mini Robot Balls using the Sphero Play and Sphero Edu apps. | Source: Sphero

As colder weather approaches, kids will inevitably spend more time playing indoors. The outdoor toys get put away, only to come out in the spring. Now, Sphero is making sure kids’ favorite outdoor toys stick around year-round, but with a twist. 

Sphero’s Mini Soccer and Golf Balls aren’t just regular sports toys: They’re also robots! Kids can program the Sphero robots through the Sphero Play and Sphero Edu apps. The Sphero Edu app has more than 100 STEAM-based activities, including drawing paths for the robot to follow, going through mazes, adding variables to pre-planned codes, and more.

The Sphero Edu app has more than 100 activities to learn coding from. | Source: Sphero

The robots use a gyroscope and accelerometer to keep full control of motion. They also have colorful LED lights and interchangeable shells so kids can customize the look of their robot. 

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If kids get bored of coding or are looking for something different, they can also use the Sphero Mini Robot Balls as a game controller with the Sphero Play app. There are three different games to explore, including space adventures, tunneling, and smashing into bricks. The Sphero Mini Robot Balls have around an hour of playtime per charge. When the batteries run out, just plug it in using a standard USB cable. 

The Mini Robot Balls are available on Amazon and for $50 each. Whether or not kids want to be an engineer when they grow up, the Sphero Mini Robot Balls are a fun experience for dabbling in the world of coding and robotics.

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