spicy dice game

Family game night is about to get heated.

New from Enginuity, Spicy Dice is a game in which players use six custom dice to score points in 10 categories. The dice are the key to the game. Each of the six dice has one “spicy” side marked with red spots instead of white ones. The spicy side is different for each die in the set. For example, one die has a red three, one has the red five, etc.

Aside from being the key to game play, the dice also aren’t too hard on the eyes. They are made of pearlized acrylic, featured rounded edges and corners, and come with a silkscreened pouch to keep them shining and all in one place.

spicy dice game

The Spicy Dice base set is available in four different colors, so kids can choose their favorite and not be stuck with plain ol’ white. Although one set of dice is enough for any number of players to play using the Classic rules, the optional Extra Spicy rules require each player to have their own set of dice, so you’ll need to grab some expansion packs.

Expansion packs are available in four color options. A set of score sheets is attached to a cheatsheet and a copy of the rules, so kids are never far from tips, tricks, and category-by-category scoring examples.

spicy dice expansion packSo, enough about what’s in the box. How do you play?

Players roll all six dice to start their turn. They have the option of flipping a red number to any other number they’d like, or keep it as is to use for bonus points to double their score. Here’s the kicker: Kids can re-roll the dice as many times as they like. There’s no three-roll limit as is the case with many other games; however, each player only gets 30 rolls per game. So, a bit of strategic thinking is necessary if you don’t want to blow all of your turns in the early rounds. That being said, we found it helpful to use a handful of rolls the first time we played. It helps kids get a better handle on scoring and categories.

Once kids are done rolling and flipping and scheming, they can tally up their points using the scoring rules included in the box. (Spoiler alert: They are intense!)

spicy dice cheat sheetWhat’s the ultimate goal? You want to score as many points as possible in each box of the score sheet! To get a high-scoring “Pepper,” players must roll six of a kind. That’s where some strategic flipping comes into play. You can only score each box once, but you can go in any order you want. We’re sure the other players will keep you honest, but don’t forget to mark down how many rolls you use during each turn!

Intended for kids ages 6 and up, Spicy Dice can be played solo or with as many players as you want.

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