Spin, stack, and win.

That’s the idea behind Spin-a-roo, ThinkFun’s sorting and counting game. In this fast-paced game, players must think quick and act fast to be the first to collect the most tokens. The game features two ways for kids to play: Sorting Game or Counting Game.

Once players set up the game (which takes all of 30 seconds), they can choose which version they will play. If kids choose to sort, they each take a card and leave the green side facing up. One player turns the handle in a full rotation on the tray, which will fill the seven slots. Now, players must quickly call out the color or number of the token that they need, and place it on one of the matching spaces on their game cards. Players sort all tokens until there are no matches left. The next player then cranks the handle in a full rotation, and players try to collect more matches.

When there are no tokens left in the spinner handle and no more matches can be made, players stack all the tokens they collected, and the player with the tallest stack wins.

The purple side of the game card is for the counting game. The rules are nearly the same, but players instead try to collect the most tokens by counting up or down, according the numbers on their card. For example, if one of a player’s spaces is a “5” he or she must try to collect either a 4 or 6 token next. For an added twist, there’s also a wild space on every card that players can use to place any number.

The dual gameplay offers kids double the fun, allowing them to play two different games depending on their skill level. Since very little reading is involved, this game is perfect for early learners. A fast-paced game full of stealth learning, kids will have a blast in a little friendly competition, while finessing matching skills.

Whether kids are more left-brained or right-brained, Spin-a-roo is a fun way to build on skills that they may have already harnessed, or strengthen areas where they sometimes struggle.

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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

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