A look inside the Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle. | Source: Spin Master

Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without Harry Potter toys.

Spin Master is breathing new life into the Wizarding World as the new toy licensee for both the Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts brands.

The toy manufacturer is expanding its partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create a full line of toys based on the magical characters, including dolls, figures and accessories, playsets, vehicles, games, plush toys, and role-play/dress-up items, all expected to launch this fall. Fans can expect to see all of their favorite characters and settings, including a Hogwarts playset and some very fashionable dolls and figures. After all, you may not like him, Minister, but you can’t deny: Dumbledore’s got style.

Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle | Source: Spin Master

The Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle will stand at attention at almost 2 feet tall, featuring lights, sounds, and magical elements — including opportunities to be sorted in the Great Hall, learn new spells from iconic professors, and interact with Moaning Myrtle in her haunted bathroom (with a secret surprise). It includes 12 accessories and an exclusive 3-inch Hermione doll. Kids and collectors can expand the castle with Magical Minis World of Classroom Playsets and other small character dolls that all fit inside. The castle will sell for $59.99 and the classrooms and additional dolls will be sold separately.

Deluxe Brilliant Hermione Doll | Source: Spin Master

The collection will also include Harry, Hermione, Luna, and Cho 8-Inch Dolls. The adorable dolls come dressed in their Hogwarts school uniforms and feature five points of articulation, rooted hair, and a wand accessory. Hermione gets the special treatment with the aptly named Deluxe Brilliant Hermione Doll that styles her in jeans, a pink hoodie, and her Time Turner accessory. The set also includes an additional outfit with a cauldron and a potion bottle that kids can use to recreate the Polyjuice potion scene. The dolls will range from $9.99-19.99.

Enchanting Hedwig Interactive Plush | Source: Spin Master

We all know that Hedwig is the real star of the books and the loyal snowy owl gets a plush makeover with the Enchanting Hedwig Interactive Plush, featuring realistic movements and sounds. Priced at $39.99. the plush owl can move its beak and flap its wings, like a real owl. Hedwig can also distinguish the direction of petting and can recognize and respond to the tone of your voice (if you speak lovingly, she will respond in a similar manner) because she’s smart like that. She also comes with a Hogwarts envelope that she can hold in her beak. Don’t worry: She won’t let it get into the wrong hands because she’ll only release the letter if kids unlock a secret combination of interactions.

Keep your eyes at the ready for even more magical reveals! Mischief managed … for now.

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