The newest Flash figure will race his way to save the day! | Source: Spin Master

The Flash movie is rushing into theaters this June, and new toys from Spin Master are ready for its arrival! Little speedsters can get their favorite Flash toy and then catch the newest DC film offering over the summer.

The Flash 12-inch Feature Figure ($24.99) | Source: Spin Master

The Flash 12-inch Feature Figure is an impressive, poseable Flash figure with powers at the ready. When kids press his chest, the figure will light up and go into a super-powered running mode. Kids can also shake the figure to activate even more lights, as well as voiced phrases like, “C’mon, Barry! You got this!” Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the figure is available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

The Flash Batwing Battle Set ($29.99) | Source: Spin Master

The Flash Ultimate Batwing Battle Set brings Batman to the battle — and he’s bringing his huge Batwing with him. The set comes with 4-inch figures of Batman and Flash, both sized to fit in the flying Batwing. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the set is available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

The Flash Ultimate Figure Set ($39.99) | Source: Spin Master

For even more 4-inch figures to add to the fight against villainy, The Flash Ultimate Figure set comes with The Flash, Batman, a younger Flash, General Zod, and Supergirl. With a ton of accessories and all these superheroes, General Zod doesn’t stand a chance! Get the set exclusively on Amazon.

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Spin Master has plenty more for fans of the DC universe. The toy company has made figures of Black Adam, Cyclone, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and many more. Every kid’s favorite hero or villain has an action figure ready to join the fight!

The newest Flash figures are available now at a variety of stores and online retailers. Kids can run to grab their favorite and then get excited because even more fantastic Flash toys are on the way, like the Flash Hero Set featuring a wearable Flash mask and ring. The Flash movie comes out on June 16.

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