Sometimes you just can’t predict what the next craze will be.

We’ve emerged from the holiday season with Hatchimals—the must-have self hatching magical creatures—as the hottest toy of the year. Last month, store shelves from coast to coast were sold out (and still are) of glue and borax, two of the main ingredients in DIY slime. And right now, the hottest trending item that every kid wants is a fidget spinner.

Initially made to help kids focus, fidget spinners are tri-shaped devices that spin around a center. The point is to mindlessly spin them in a repetitive motion, allowing kids to focus more intently on their main task, like homework.

Just like any schoolyard fad, word spread, more kids wanted them, and now they’re one of the hottest items to have right now. The spinners are equally as addicting for adults, so say goodbye to loud finger drumming, pesky nail biting, and annoying pen clicking.

Don’t know the right one to get to get? Try Top Trenz’s fidget spinners, which are rolling in as fresh as ever.

Spinner Squad fidget spinners are available in a variety of solid colors, glow in the dark versions, and a multitude of fun prints, such as the ever-popular emojis. (If you don’t think you want a poop emoji fidget spinner, then you are wrong. ?)

These spinners are unique in that they use special high-quality ball bearings that give them extra spin time, and Spinner Squad is the real deal. They are guaranteed to spin three to four minutes, and we’ve tested it out multiple times here in the office. We’ve also had spins lasting up to 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Skills! In my best Bruno Mars voice, “Don’t believe me? Just watch!”

Fidget spinners are also super fun to do lots of tricks with, and you’ll find plenty of videos with people pulling off some pretty impressive things on YouTube. One of my bigger achievements of the week was getting one of the spinners to spin on my nose. (Look ma, no hands!)

While you may find other spinners on the market that are cheaper, avoid low-quality spinners at your local corner store, and head to your local toy store for a quality spinner that will last, like Spinner Squad spinners. Otherwise, prepare yourself to dole out more cash for multiple spinners once your discount version breaks. Trust me—I’ve seen a few that just don’t spin as well or that broke after being dropped once.

One of the most refreshing parts of this industry is that you’ll never know what is going to be the next big thing. Kids are attracted to the most unexpected things, and the trends may be even more unpredictable. What are you waiting for? Grab a member of your Spinner Squad and get spinnin’!

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Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik

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