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Flat bottoms rest. Waves to the sky! See how they nest? Let creativity fly!

While I’d love to call this poem my own, this fun quatrain can be found inside the box of the SpiroKu, the new stack-and-nest toy from Fat Brain Toys.

As the playful ode promises, the SpiroKu takes typical nesting toys to new heights — 22 inches tall, to be exact. The toy has a total of nine pieces, each a different size and a different color of the rainbow. The innermost piece is a dark green, and as the rainbow progresses all the way to blue, the pieces get larger in size. Kids ages 3 and up can pull on the innermost piece to expand the SpiroKu into a curvy, colorful tower. Pressing down on the same piece will make the tower collapse to its original form.

The ovular stacking pieces have a flat side and a wavy side. When revealing the twisty tower, kids should put the flat side on the ground so that the structure is stable. The curves give the tower its spiral effect, and new colors are revealed as it vertically builds while the pieces hold each other up. Playing with the SpiroKu is a great way to introduce kids to the rainbow and its colors!

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As you can see in the video below, kids can explore SpiroKu beyond the rainbow tower by building structures of their own. When kids place the toy on its curved side, kids can separate the colors into individual building pieces. Little hands can construct pyramids and forts or create imaginative shapes that resemble scientific tools like microscopes. The opportunities are endless! Imagination is encouraged with the SpiroKu, making it a versatile addition to playtime.

Part of the fun of the SpiroKu is in the unique shape of its pieces. Occasionally, they do get stuck on one another, but figuring out how to untangle them is a challenging puzzle in itself that will help improve kids’ fine motor skills.

The SpiroKu is a great way for toddlers to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, it leaves zero mess for parents to worry about!

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