Myths and Legends “Egyptian Mythology” Episode | Source: Spotify

Spotify Kids and Family is taking listeners on an ancient adventure with its new podcast series, Myths and Legends

Kids ages 6 and up can venture into primordial voids, step on a battlefield with ancient warriors, and rule with ancient gods in this collection of 25 tales. The show covers Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, Aztec, and European mythological histories. It is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

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The first episode, “Egyptian Mythology,” is available to stream now on Spotify, featuring epic tales of Egyptian mythology, such as the story of the sun god who travels across the sky in a boat. The second episode, “Isis & Osiris — Rulers Of The Two Kingdoms” will launch on May 30, featuring the story of how Isis turns into a bird to bring her partner Osiris back to life.

In addition to listening to audio content, kids can also dive into the Myths and Legends world with downloadable coloring pages for each episode. Parents can find the printable activities in the episode descriptions on Spotify, featuring line drawings of notable characters discussed in each respective episode. 

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