The Spring Squishmallows Squad | Source: Kellytoy/the Toy Insider

You know when something is just so cute that you want to squish it? You can do exactly that with Squishmallows — the poofiest, chonkiest, squishiest plush characters around.

Created by Kellytoy, there are more than 800 characters in the Squishmallow family, most of them with their own names and personality-filled stories detailed on their hangtags. There is a steady flow of new characters that launch throughout the year, including limited-edition and seasonal releases that fans go wild for.

Squishmallows collectors are currently on the hunt for the spring line-up that includes adorable tie-dye and pastel bunnies, spotted pigs with paisley bandanas, lambs, chicks, cows, and polka-dotted Easter eggs — some with animals hatching out of them. The collection is made from soft and squishy spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing that makes each character as puffy as a marshmallow so they are just as huggable as they are cute. That cloud-like squishiness is also a simple way to relieve stress and anxiety, making Squishmallows great for kids and adults on the spectrum or with sensory processing issues.

Spring Squishmallows Bunnies | Source: Kellytoy

Although they’re not technically classified as pillows, I’ve never found an actual pillow as comfortable as a Squishmallow. If you like your pillows on the squishy side, Squishmallows are the perfect consistency for a good night’s sleep. Each character is available in a randomized variety of sizes that can range from 3.5-24 inches. I sleep with a 12-inch Squishmallow in the crook of my neck, while the 16-inch size makes a good headrest when laying flat, and the 24-inch size is ideal for propping myself up on the couch while watching TV (yes, my house is covered in Squishmallows).

There are different collections of Squishmallows as well, such as Heroes, Hug Mees, Squishmallows Baby, Flip-A-Mallows, and Squish-Doos, but my personal favorite is the original (which includes the spring styles). There’s something charming about how the original Squishmallows all have the same round, stumpy body; velvety fabric; and simple, embroidered faces. I love how the original styles keep the same core shape while changing just a few details to make each character unique. Even when extraneous parts — like shark fins, unicorn horns, dinosaur spikes, or pineapple tops — are added to Squishmallows, they remain completely soft and squishy, keeping the toy safe for all ages.

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If your Squishmallows need a pick-me-up, great news: They’re machine washable! As squishy as they are, they won’t lose their shape if you throw them in the wash, as long as you follow the proper directions. To clean them, just throw them in a pillowcase, machine wash on cold, tumble dry on the lowest setting (or air dry), and floof them back to their original shape. Don’t iron, blow dry, bleach, or microwave them — as delicious as they look.

Squishmallows are sold on, as well as on Amazon and at specialty retailers, but you never really know where certain characters will be available. Part of the fun is growing your Squishmallows squad by hunting down hard-to-find characters.

When it comes to Squishmallows, the more, the merrier! There’s no such thing as too much squish so keep your eyes peeled for the spring styles, bunny-hopping into stores now.

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