Help Vy and Chad defeat the hackers in the live show. | Source: Spy Ninjas Live/the Toy Insider

The Spy Ninjas are hitting the road this fall with a new mission!

YouTubers Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint are members of the Spy Ninjas, a team on a mission to save the Internet from Project Zorgo, an evil organization of hackers. Together, they work to uncover the organization’s nefarious plans and prevent them from taking over the Internet. With a new YouTube video every day of the week, kids can join them on their daily adventures, games, missions, and challenges.

Now, the Spy Ninjas are taking their hacking, detective, and martial arts skills from the screen to the stage in Spy Ninjas Live. In this live show, the Spy Ninjas have discovered a Hacker Sleeper cell across North America. To defeat it, they are traveling through the major cities and taking over local theaters to use as their headquarters. They will have access to surveillance and help from a team of local Ninja associates — the audience — to dismantle the cell.

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Spy Ninjas Live is expected to tour more than 30 U.S. cities starting this October through March of next year. Tickets go on sale starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET. See the VIP package options and the full schedule of shows here.

Spy Ninjas fans can also check out the announcement video below, in which Melvin leaves the Spy Ninjas and his friends to join the nefarious hackers.

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