Take a coffee break with a favorite plush maker!

Squishable is well known for its high-quality and ultra-adorable plush offerings. With animals from a dragonfly to a goat, mythic monsters from hydras to Mothman, the company has a plush toy for everyone (adults included). The Alter Egos collection is expanding with Series 4, featuring a favorite drink many use to get through the morning: A whole collection of coffee plushies are here to bring a daily dose of caffeine cuteness!

The Affogato plush comes in a green mug, has a sweet smile, and features espresso inside. The Decaf Coffee plush is perfect for a bedtime drink with three sleepy faces, and the Bodega Coffee is just the thing to put the pep in anyone’s step. Rainbow Coffee is bringing the color and for those who are feeling a bit devilish, Devil’s Brew is looking downright adorably devious. 

Series 5 is coming soon and seems to feature some froggy friends. | Source: Squishable

If a kid can’t get their whole plush fix with just coffee, they can check out the other Squishable Alter Egos series. Previous Alter Egos include a collection of avocados, plague doctors, and Christmas trees. Hints at Series 5 are also already here, and indications are that it might include some charming frog friends!

The new Series 4 collection of Alter Egos is available now so head on over to the official store page to grab a drink that’ll keep kids company at bedtime without causing any spills!

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