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We can’t resist the squish!!!

Squishmallows — a line of soft, round animal plush — has become an incredibly popular brand, with more than 1,000 characters to collect in a variety of sizes. Now, those beloved, squishy characters have shrunk down for a new toy line from Jazwares called Squishville.

The Squishville assortment includes playsets, vehicles, and accessories designed for 2-inch versions of popular members of the Squishmallow Squad, who are just as cute (if not cuter) in their micro-size. The tiny plush are available in individual blind bags with 24 characters to collect; as plush/vehicle assortments that feature Squishville characters inside plush trains or cars; and in packs of six that come in themes (the Rainbow Dream Squad, the Sealife Squad, and the Fruit Squad). There are also plush rooms and accessory packs available that each come with one Squishville character. These include kitchen, playroom, picnic, camping, and playground accessory sets and Bakery or Boutique mini-playsets.

The signature item in the collection is Fifi’s Cottage, a house playset with three levels that comes with two Squishville characters and furniture including a bed, a couch, and a toilet. Throughout all of the playsets, accessories, and vehicles, kids will find small holes that the Squishville characters can fit into — even the chimney on the cottage is the perfect size for a Squishmallow to hang out in! With so much to explore, kids can create an entire Squishville universe that is perfect for imaginative play.

Like the Original Squishmallows, Squishville is designed for kids of all ages. There are many things to love about this toy line, but this is one of my personal favorites. Squishville is able to have its 0+ safety rating because every single component is made of soft materials (mostly fabric and felt) and the Squishville characters have embroidered features. While infants won’t be able to engage with the imaginative play elements that the toy line can offer, they can enjoy the colors and textures of these tiny animal characters, which are the perfect size for little hands. Because they are safe for all ages, these toys are a great option for households with kids of various ages and are a toy that can remain a favorite for years.

The all-soft factor also makes it easier for kids to interact with elements of Squishville. They can stretch and squish the characters and even the sets themselves without worrying about them breaking, or needing to line them up just right for them to stay in place. Some of the characters even feature single-piece fashion accessories that kids can pull and squish into place!

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Of course, because these Squishville plush are much smaller than traditional Squishmallows, kids will need to be careful to keep track of their whole squad, especially if they take them on the go. Each 2-inch plush also features a sewn-on tag, which is about as long as the plush itself. While these tags feature information about how to clean the plush (air-dry only!), be prepared for kids to request for an adult to cut them off.

Plus, the Squishville fun doesn’t stop with playtime. There is also an animated Squishville YouTube series, which has new episodes debuting weekly. Kids can gather up their adorable Squishmallow Squishville squad and enjoy watching the videos, then recreate their favorite moments!

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