‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

 Oh, no! You forgot about the stockings, again!

No matter how many weeks you spend hunting down the best bargains and crossing off all the items on your kids’ wish lists, you somehow always manage to forget about the stocking stuffers. No fear, these last-minute gifts are meant to be simple, fun, and affordable!

Collectibles and fidget toys are great go-to gifts for stockings, and best yet they’re easy to find and available in a ton of different collections and assortments. Another simple way to fill a stocking is by throwing in figures from kids’ favorite TV series and movies. These toys are small enough to take on-the-go during holiday travels, and as an added bonus they’ll keep kids entertained while sitting in the inevitable hours of traffic.

Top off the holiday season with some of our favorite no-fail stocking stuffers.

Beat Bugs Fab Figures (Blip Toys)

This animated series has sung its way into kids’ and parents’ hearts. Inspired by music from The Beatles, parents and grandparents get to introduce their kids to some of their favorite songs. The line from Blip Toys features tons of adorable characters and play sets, including the detailed, 3-inch Fab Figures. The head and arms on each figure are articulated, which lets kids move them around and bring them to life. Still need to get stocking stuffers? Don’t worry, “We can work it out!”

FlipAZoo Mini Collectibles (Jay@Play)

These fun-sized versions of the regular FlipAZoo plush are totally tiny, but jam-packed with lots of BIG fun. Each mini FlipaZoo features two animals that flip back and forth, so kids can switch it up on the fly. FlipaZoo collectibles are available in blind bags, three-packs, and seven-packs, and kids can expand their collection with more than 101 limited, special, common, and rare animal collectibles available. So much flippin’ fun!

LittleMissMatched Vintage and Junk Food Collections (LittleMissMatched)

Funky socks are my favorite kind of socks. This year, you can gift your kids with socks that are as unique as them. The Vintage Collection features designs with bright colors and bold patterns to help them stand out in a sea of solid-colored socks. Additionally, the Junk Food Collection has scented designs for styles including Cheeseburger and Cupcake socks. Smell ya later!

Mysticons Action Figures (Playmates Toys)

In a land of fairies, dwarves, and griffins, four girls are chosen to be legendary warriors in the kingdom of Gemina. Parents can help their little Mysticons fans collect all four 7-inch Mysticons figures—Arkayna, Zarya, Piper, and Em—each of which comes with accessories, including weapons, arm bracers, and pets. For an extra treat, each figure comes with Topps Mysticons trading card with a code to unlock quests in the mobile app, Secrets of Gemina. Adventure awaits!

Every Day Play Collection (Zing)

Introducing pocket-sized fun worth flipping over! The new Ever Day Play (EDP) line from Zing features innovative fidget and skill toys that kids can fit in kids’ pockets for playtime anytime. The collection includes Spinzipz, Spinbladez, Thumb Chucks, Tumblstix, and Zing Dama, all of which feature LED lights. What tricks will you keep up your sleeve?!

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Stephanie Grassullo

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