A long, long time ago in a… Okay, no. That intro is getting way too overdone.

Fans of The Force and Bocce ball get ready for Star Wars Bocce from SwimWays. This twist on the classic game, for ages 9 and up, is the perfect way to entice Star Wars fans to come outside and play. The game is exactly the same as the traditional version, with the addition of Star Wars themes. The set comes with eight balls. Four blue and orange balls are resistance themed with carved images like R2-D2 and the Millenium Falcon and four red and black balls with Empire logos and themes like the Death Star and Vader’s Mask. The clear themes allow the set to be colorful while giving kids an easy team distinction if they forget which two colors they have. The object ball, or “pallino,” is white with the Star Wars logo. The set also comes with a heavy-duty carrying case with the Star Wars logo.

To play the game, kids are tasked with getting their team’s balls closest to the pallino. Each team can have up to four players and at the end of each round, only one team, the team with the most balls closest to the pallino, will be given points. The directions say to determine which team goes first by a coin toss, but a more relevant and fun method would be whichever team has the most players who have seen a specific Star Wars movie most recently.

This is a fun game for kids, teenagers, and even parents. It would be the perfect game to drag out during summer barbecues or poolside days. It’s a great game to promote strategy and teamwork as well as good sportsmanship. One way to win the game is by knocking out the balls of the opposite team so kids will learn to not be poor sports and accept that it’s all part of the game. Since the game is all about distance, kids can get creative with how they measure the distance of the balls from the pallino to determine the score. Personally, Princess Leia action figures are the way to go. The only way this durable and well-made game could be better is if the Empire balls were straight up Death Stars instead of having multiple images—it was the perfect, round opportunity.

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Xandra Harbet

Xandra Harbet

Xandra Harbet is an assistant editor at Adventure Publishing Group. She does weekly toy reviews for The Toy Insider and contributes to trade magazines The Toy Book and The Licensing book. When Xandra isn't writing or attending conventions, she's dancing around her room in Supergirl cosplay, jammin' out to Britney Spears. She once had to stash her lightsaber behind a bush at the Rogue One premiere because the theater had a lame 'no Kyber crystal weapons' policy. Her friends insist that she's the poster child for Gryffindor because she's staunch in her beliefs and recklessly tries to change the world. You can follow Xandra's wild adventures on Twitter @stakingmyheart.