Step2 celebrates 30 years of play with brand new items in its signature collection! | Source: Step2/The Toy Insider

Step2 is celebrating 30 years of play with a signature collection of four new toys that kids can use for both imaginative and active play. The entire collection has a modern design that will match any household or outdoor aesthetic.

Kids can bug out in style with the Step2 Adventure Camper. This playset is ready to play with out of the box and comes with more than 50 accessories, including the Stack N’ Stay food set that kids can use to cook pretend hamburgers, hot dogs, and s’mores on the camper’s grill. Kids have ample space to put together barbecues no matter how ambitious with the stove, sink, and prep area. The camper set also features an interior floor, a working doorbell, a skylight, storage, and a decorative steering wheel. Designed for kids ages 2-8, the Step2 Adventure Camper is available at, Target, and Amazon for $349.99.

The Step2 Ride Along Scooter is a stable ride and even comes with storage! | Source: Step2

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The Step2 Ride Along Scooter is great for little riders who love being on the move. The scooter has four wheels for extra stability and is easy to carry around so kids can take the scooter wherever they go. Kids can also bring a plush passenger with the scooter’s back storage. The Step2 Ride Along Scooter is made for kids ages 18 months-5 years old, and is available exclusively on Amazon for $79.99

The Step2 Rain Showers Splash Tub is a great option year round, regardless of the weather. Kids can play in the rain, but parents can also fill the table with water so the fun doesn’t end when the rain does. This set comes with cups to pour water from the main water table to the top, where water funnels into a tipping bucket and spinner. Recommended for toddlers ages 18 months and up, the Step2 Rain Showers Splash Tub is available exclusively at Target for $129.99.

The Step2 Rocket Swing for Two is built for babies aged 9 months and up. | Source: Step2

Best friends can fly together with the Step2 Rocket Swing for Two. Parents can easily mount the blue rocket on most swing sets with Easy Mount Hardware. Designed for babies ages 9 months and up, the set also has built-in seatbelts and handles so nobody falls out. The Step2 Rocket Swing for Two is available exclusively at Target for $99.99. 

Young kids will get hours of play both indoors and outdoors with these four toys.

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