streetshotspackageDart blasters are so yesterday.

With the Street Shots Racers Triple Shot Blaster Set, from Blip Toys, kids ages 5 and up can send vehicles soaring with the pull of a trigger. Included in the set is a TX-03 blaster, three vehicles, two ramps for stunts, and a Street Shots target with a collapsing face so kids can shoot their vehicles straight through.blaster-copyTo start, kids can load all three into the chamber by raising the door atop the TX-03 blaster, which is a long, 22.5-inch blaster designed like a car. The launcher has room for kids to load all three of their vehicles at the same time, so they can fire all three before having to load up again.

streetshotcarsNext, kids can prepare for launch by sliding back and pushing forward a cocking mechanism at the front of the blaster. Then, they can rev it up by pressing a separate trigger. This trigger lets kids select one of four shifting speeds, which allows them to choose their launch velocity depending on the circumstances of their stunt. My favorite is the “No Fear” fourth gear, which can send the little plastic vehicles flying at more than 500 mph scale speed. From there, all that’s left is to take aim and fire away.suppliesThrill-seekers can send their vehicles soaring off one of two included ramps. The first is your basic launch ramp, with about a 30-degree incline. The second is a wall-rider ramp that can send vehicles heading for the ceiling at a 90-degree angle. It’s so rad. Kids can use these accessories to launch their cars over furniture, a stack of textbooks, or anything else that can come up with. The cars are made of hard plastic, but they’re fairly light and shouldn’t do any damage to the house unless kids deliberately take aim at the fine china or the glass cabinets.

The included target is also great because it allows kids to practice their aim and challenge their friends in the ultimate test of four-wheel-firing accuracy.

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