There are six Mixie plushies that kids can collect. | Source: Moose Toys

There’s magic in the air! 

The Magic Mixies Color Surprise Magic Cauldron from Moose Toys is full of mystical surprises, with a smaller size and more affordable price tag than the original Magic Cauldron. Kids ages 5 and up can embrace their inner wizard and reveal up to six magical color change surprises. Little ones can follow the detailed instructions and use the included “potions” to reveal a unique plush Mixie. There are six total plushies in the line that kids can collect.

To begin the phenomenal process and reveal the magical color-changing plush critter, kids must follow the guided step-by-step instructions. First, kids can choose a name for their Mixie, write it on the included scroll, and place it in the cauldron. Then, using the fizz potion reveal and water, kids can create their own fizzy, bubbly potion that will reveal their Mixie by melting away the protective film.

The fizzy reaction is so cool and mess-free! | Source: Moose Toys

Similar to the original Magic Mixie Cauldrons, the plush Mixie has a magical gem on its forehead and has poseable arms and legs. Once revealed, there is another potion, a color-changing wand/dropper, and a stopper below the Mixie. The gems on the Mixie and the cauldron are heat-reactive and with a little cold water, kids can watch the color on the gems change from a darker to a lighter hue. 

This miniature version of the classic Magic Mixie Cauldron is not electronic and requires no charging or batteries, unlike the original. It is also super easy to clean up after playtime as there’s a separate chamber inside the toy that divides the water from the other potions and the Mixie inside (keeping the plush toy dry). To discard the water, simply unscrew the bottom chamber and empty it in a sink. Unlike other Magic Mixies, kids cannot redo the Mixie reveal. However, they can play around with the potion bottle and create different potions using household ingredients like food coloring or glitter. They can also play around with the color-changing gems. When playtime is finished, kids can use the cauldron as storage to keep the Mixie and the magical supplies safe and out of the way. 

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The Magic Mixies Color Surprise Magic Cauldron is a quicker way to experience the magic of the Magic Mixies line. At just under $20, the cauldron also makes an affordable alternative to the full-size Magic Mixies Cauldrons — which can set you back $80-$100. We love that kids can finish the reveal in just a few minutes and that kids can continue to play with the plush Mixie and cauldron after the reveal. With minimal set-up required, this is a great ready-to-play toy for all budding wizards and magicians!

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