Super U Story address the unrealistic body standards that young girls face every day. | Source: Toya

In a society that is constantly bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards, kids and teens are getting a Roblox game that helps promote body inclusivity. Female-led games studio Toya is partnering with Dove for a game called Super U Story, designed for girls ages 9-16. 

According to new research from Dove, 60% of female gamers feel misrepresented and notice a lack of diversity in video games, while 35% of young girls believe their self-esteem is negatively impacted after seeing a lack of diversity in characters and avatars. These self-esteem issues often continue into adulthood. 

Players must evade negativity to help save the Academy. | Source: Toya

Super U Story was developed with support from the personal care brand Dove, marking Dove’s first venture into the world of gaming and Toya’s 13th game. The story-driven game features characters with diverse bodies, skin tones, abilities, and conditions, all admired for their unique qualities and gifts. Gameplay and in-game messages are meant to inspire players to reflect on their own body confidence while rejecting unrealistic beauty standards like the ones often shown on social media.

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The setting of the game centers around the Academy — a school for kids and teens with superpowers. The school is under siege by a group of rogue students who are spreading negativity. Players must find their unique superpower of flight, fire, water, or speed to avoid and destroy the poisonous negativity, and to help save the Academy. Players can customize their gaming avatars with diverse versions of beauty, team up with friends to explore the Academy, earn power-ups, and complete quests. 

Super U Story is available to play in beta on Roblox now, with a full launch later this fall.

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