Special delivery! Jett is more bubbly than ever as he makes his way way across the sky to deliver yet another important package.

Bubble season is upon us, and the Super Wings Bubble Blast Jett, from Alpha Group, will delight Super Wings fans with hours of outdoor fun. The bubble machine is designed to look like Jett from the animated preschool series Super Wings, and features the bright, red apple coloring with a white under-trim.

Little pilots push open the tab on the back of Jett’s body and pour in the bubble solution. Once it is full, securely slide it back in place and get ready for a bubble bonanza. When kids press the button on the top of Jett’s head, it’ll leave behind a sea of bubbles from the back of his engine. The set comes with a container of Jett Fuel bubbles, but once kids use all of the solution, regular bubble solution will also do the trick.

The bubble machine is light enough for kids to hold and effortlessly wave up and down, creating an mesmerizing bubble jet effect. There are also three working wheels on the bottom of the plane, so kids can give a big push and watch as Jett rolls away and prepares for takeoff.

The best part is, unlike most other bubble machines, kids can play with or without bubble solution. Parents, what I’m saying is, when you’re enjoying a beautiful day outside and—horror of horrors—the kids go through the entire bubble solution supply, disaster won’t strike that easily. Kids can still play with Jett as an oversized action figure and take on exciting adventures through imaginative play.

And now, it’s time for takeoff. Ready, Jett, GO!

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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo is an associate editor at Adventure Publishing Group. In addition to handling toy and licensing news and updates for The Toy Book and The Licensing Book, Stephanie also writes toy reviews and commentaries for the Toy Insider. When she’s not binge-watching old episodes of Gossip Girl, Stephanie is always game for Boggle tournaments—she’s the titleholder Boggle champion in her family, and proud of it! Stephanie firmly believes that there is no awkward moment that can’t be remedied with the help of Bop It. To get to know her better, follow her on Twitter @steph_grass.