world_airport1Zoom around the iconic World Airport with Jett and Donnie in the Super Wings World Airport play set, from Auldey Toys.

Based on the Sprout TV show Super Wings, this large 35-inch play set has a ton of activities for kids to recreate their favorite Super Wings missions. The many moveable parts will entertain young tikes for hours, as they watch it zoom to life with electronic sounds and lights. For example, kids can push the large Super Wings logo on the control tower to hear fun commands.

The set includes two mini transforming figures, Jet and Donnie, which easily transform from robots to planes. Plus, kids can attach the figures to the fly-bar, spin it around in a circle, and release to come in for landing at the World Airport. When I was a kid, if we wanted to make something fly, we had to use our imaginations and hands to zoom the toys around—but this feature really brings the planes to life.

Jett and Donnie are small little figures, perfectly sized for little hands. Kids can place them into the elevator at the back of the play set, lift up to the control tower, and launch down the ramps on either side. Kids will get a kick out of how fast they soar down the runway ramps, just like actual planes do when they come in for a landing.

Additionally, the base of the play set opens up on both sides to reveal a rotating luggage carousel and a cargo scale. These features allow kids to play as more than just the planes, but as airport employees as well. This is when the super cool feature of transforming the planes into robots comes into play. Kids can turn Jett and Donnie from planes into robots to play as workers and learn the many different jobs of an airport. Aside from working in luggage, the figures can be placed in the control tower to work as air control, or placed near the runways to act as aircraft marshals to direct the planes where they need to go.

The Super Wings World Airport won’t fly short of any expectations for a super fun play set—it will soar higher than any before. Thanks to the engaging components offered by the set, kids are sure to become frequent flyers of the World Airport.

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Chelsey Hubric

Chelsey Hubric

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