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Want to sea something cool? Tactile Turtles is an educational toy that will help kids’ futures be turtle-y awesome.

As a kid, math was always my worst subject, but when it came time to learn multiplication, my dad introduced me to one of his favorite childhood toys. It was a simple dial that turned to reveal the answers to multiple equations and made it easier to comprehend what I was learning. I remembered this toy when I first saw the Tactile Turtles Math Activity Set from hand2mind because it also took new concepts and made them easy to digest for young minds, this time for an even younger age group.

Tactile Turtles is made for preschoolers — meaning they can know math is fun before they even head to kindergarten. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the set features 20 different activities that all feature everyone’s favorite sea animal. They’ll explore counting, sorting, patterns, and more with turtles in three sizes, six colors, six shell textures, and six belly shapes (if math was also your worst subject, that’s 36 turtles).

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The activity set is made to last with 10 double-sided cards and the aforementioned turtles, which are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Kids today don’t have to rely on antiquated toys from the early ‘70s to hone their math skills, but they can carry their own toys into the future with them. This set helps to ensure a brighter future all around with the use of green materials.

Parents will find an activity guide in the set, which will help them explain to kids the different concepts. As an example, it will tell you that you can take the card featuring two lily pads and move the turtles between them. If there are four turtles on the lily pad, but three leave, how many are left? I know there’s a meme that there’s always someone about to cry at the table when math homework is involved, but this set ensures that both you and your kids are working together from the very beginning of their school years (thus hopefully eliminating tears).

It’s time to dive into math time!

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