Celebrate Tamagotchi’s 25th anniversary with the original Tamagotchi, exclusive to Amazon! | Source: Bandai America

Let’s do the time warp again — all the way back to 1997!

Bandai America is celebrating Tamagotchi’s 25th anniversary! That’s right, the popular ’90s toy has been letting players slowly grow their digital pets (and then accidentally kill them) for 25 years. Feel old yet?

To celebrate the brand’s 25th year around the sun, Bandai Amercica is releasing an Amazon-exclusive Original Tamagotchi. This new Tamagotchi features all the functions that fans have come to know and love, including the original programming from the ’90s. The original first generation Tamagotchi lets fans raise their pet from egg to child to adult in the same way they’d take care of a real-world pet. Players can feed their Tamagotchi, play with it, give it medicine, and even clean up after it. The way that players take care of their pet determines which of the seven adult Tamagotchis they’ll get.

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In addition to this new exclusive toy, the brand has plans to celebrate all year long by ushering in a new era of Tamagotchi. Although plans haven’t been announced yet, fans can expect to see an all-new branding makeover with bright, bold colors and more exciting features in the coming months.

The Amazon-exclusive Original Tamagotchi is available for preorder now for $25. Stay tuned for more Tamagotchi announcements as we celebrate the 25th year of our favorite digital pet!

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