It’s tea time with Teacup Pile-Up! | Source: Educational Insights/the Toy Insider

Pinkies up!

Tea parties are an elegant affair for a kid, loaded with tiny sandwiches and big imaginations. Still, sometimes there’s something missing: competition! Educational Insights’ Teacup Pile-Up invites kids to a tea party adventure game.

Kids ages 4 and up can compete relay-style to stack teacups without making the pile fall over. In order to play, they must first flip a challenge card and match it to a teacup. They can keep adding teacups until either they match the card or the stack falls over! Once they complete their teacup tower, they can ring the teapot bell to declare victory. The goal is to move quickly and not be the one who knocks the whole thing over.

Kids can press the teapot when they’re done! | Source: Educational Insights

No reading skills are required so preschoolers can have just as much fun as the older kids. The game does require some critical thinking so it’s a great way to get kids to practice that skill without even realizing. They’ll also work on gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. 

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The design of the tea set is fit for a royal affair with hues of pink, green, and turquoise. Kids in a classroom or at a sleepover can stay engaged and learn while playing. Another fun detail is that the packaging becomes part of the play for less waste. The teacup cabinet game board is part of the box, adding an eco-friendly element.

Make tea time any time of the day with this fan-tea-stic game! 

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