Kids can carry their favorite things using their newest plushie!

TeeTurtle’s Plushie Tote Bags come with cute plush characters that have a purpose. The Velcro storage pouch on the bottom of the plushie opens up to reveal a patterned tote bag that kids can use to carry toys, books, and more. Kids can then stick the plush character to the shoulder of the bag when it’s in use, so they can come along on any little adventures. When kids are done for the day, they can fold the tote back into their plushie until the next time they need it. Each bag is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles: Eco-friendly has never been so adorable!

The bags come in 10 fun designs, all with their own plush character and patterns. Whether a kid would like a friendly little succulent, a bunny with some veggies, a blue frog holding the trans pride flag, or other prints, these tote plushie combos are a great accessory for kids and adults. 

TeeTurtle is known for its adorable stuffed animal offerings, so if kids can’t get enough, there’s plenty more they can choose from. In addition to the tote bags, the company has the ever-popular Reversible Plushies (with different emotions on each side), Plushie Keychains, and more.

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, the Plushie Tote Bags now at the TeeTurtle website for $20 each. Kids can have the most popular bag at the sleepover with a plush friend at the ready to keep them company!


Dark Red Tabletop Gaming Tote Bag + Red Dragon Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Pink Rainbows Tote Bag + Black Unicorn Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Light Brown Bunnies & Veggies Tote Bag + Light Brown Bunny Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Dark Red Tabletop Gaming Tote Bag + Red Dragon Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Dark Blue Rainbow Axolotls Tote Bag + Blue (Rainbow Gills) Axolotl Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Pink Strawberry Cats Tote Bag + Pink Strawberry Cat Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Green Gardening Tote Bag + Green Succulent Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Yellow Bees & Honeycomb Tote Bag + Yellow Bee Plushie | Source: TeeTurtle

Kids can open the Velcro storage pouch on the bottom of the TeeTurtle plushie to find a matching printed bag, unfold the bag when they have something to carry, and fold it back into the plushie when they're done. Kids can also stick the plush character to the shoulder of the bag when it’s in…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $20
  • Age:
  • 8+

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