Kids can bounce on the TekyGo! trampoline while the on-screen game responds in real time. | Source: TekyGo!

Jumping on a trampoline to get the wiggles out? Sounds like a playtime win in our book. But jumping on a trampoline to get the wiggles out while learning? It almost sounds too good to be true.

That is exactly the premise of TekyGo!, a new active toy that combines the benefits of exercise, the fun of trampoline bouncing, the engaging world of video games, and learning through play. Designed for kids ages 2 and up, the TekyGo! Junior Bouncer Bundle comes with a special TekyGo! Trampoline, a TekyGo! Portal that connects to your TV, and a TekyGo! Sensor that tracks kids’ movements on the trampoline. (Note: If you already have a kid-sized trampoline at home, you can purchase just the Portal and Sensor for a lower price.)

The premise is fairly straightforward: Using the included technology, the trampoline, and the free TekyGo! mobile app, an adult can set up the TekyGo! system so that the TekyGo! games display on their TV. Using the included remote, grownups can select from an ever-growing catalog of games, which feature differing age/skill levels, activity levels, and learning objectives — but they all have something in common: they encourage kids to get jumping.

The system comes with two games that are always free. To access the full library of content, you will need a monthly subscription, which an adult can purchase through the TekyGo app or website for $7.99 per month. The system does come with two free months of premium access, so families can decide if the premium access is right for them.

Some examples of the premium games include “Tune Hopper,” which prompts kids to jump in time with kid-friendly songs; “Baby Roo,” a game about animal life cycles in which kids help a baby kangaroo get home; and “Skipping Star,” a high-activity game that puts kids against a computer-generated opponent to see who can jump faster to collect the most coins. The TekyGo! library currently offers about 18 games, but the company has committed to adding a new game every two weeks to keep kids interested and engaged with the system.

The TekyGo! system in action | Source: TekyGo!

Adults can also track kids’ progress and game results in the TekyGo! app. For anyone who may be curious about the games TekyGo! has to offer — or what the interface looks like — you can download the app and sign in as a guest to look through the game library, which features trailers for each of the games.

The TekyGo! trampoline itself is also easy to set up straight from the box. It is collapsible for easy storage between TekyGo! sessions — a big plus for those looking to save space — so an adult simply needs to unfold the trampoline, unfold each of its five legs, then insert the safety bar. (Click here for a visual walkthrough of these steps.) For all three of these steps, be sure to listen for a click, which indicates that the pieces are fully locked and safe. Speaking of safety, the trampoline is designed to keep little bouncers safe as they play. In addition to the safety bar, which kids can hold on to as they jump, the trampoline features a padded cover that hides the trampoline’s springs.


Once the system is set up and it’s time to (Teky)go, kids will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize how much they are exercising and learning. The trampoline can also support up to 77 pounds, so kids can keep learning and playing with TekyGo through preschool and into their early grade school years.

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