TenDollarGameNightTen dollars may not be able to get you much these days, but it will give you a top notch game night collection.

This year, the Haywire Group added a new series of games that—you guessed—are all just $10 each. The collection of games are simple, fun, and fast-paced to guarantee that game night is never a snooze. The line currently consists of four games: Bing-Oh!, Risk & Reward, Scribble Dash, and :59 Seconds. Each game builds on already favorite game night staples, but with new twists to keep things exciting.

Whether your work puts Vincent Van Gogh to shame, or stick figures are your area of expertise, Skribble Dash is the fun-for-all drawing game. The Skribbler picks a category card and then rolls the die. That player must draw whatever color and number combination coordinates with the one that the die landed on. If the player rolls the die and it lands on a black star, he or she may choose which word or phrase on their card to draw. The cards are numbered from one to four by level of difficulty, and worth the same amount of points if guessed correctly. Whoever guesses what the Skribbler draws before the time runs out earns the amount of points on the card. The Skribbler also earns the number value of their word or phrase, plus two additional points.


:59 Seconds is a fast-moving 2-player card game that is guaranteed to keep players on their toes. Before they can dive in, players set up their game space. Both players sit across from each other and each put two piles of cards in the center of their play area.The Action Pile consists of one card face down, while each Refresh Pile gets 5 cards face down. Both players then take five cards for their hand, and 21 cards to keep near them as their Draw Pile.

riskandrewardOnce set up is finished, flip the 59-second timer and get moving. Both players flip over their Action Pile card and must place the cards from their hand that are either one number higher or lower than the Action Card. If neither player can make a move, they simultaneously flip over top card from their Refresh Pile. Whichever player gets rid of their hand and Draw Pile wins that round. If he or she was able to gets of their cards before the timer runs out, that player earns 10 points. If not, the player only earns five points. The first player to reach 50 points wins the  game.

Risk & Reward is for those daring souls that like to test their luck. The Score Cards go in the center of the playing area face down. The first player to go collects the red dice and flips over a Score Card. He or she must attempt to match the dice numbers with the ones on the Score Card. The number on the Score Card indicates the number of times the player may re-roll all or some of their dice. If the player successfully rolls a match, he or she keeps the score card. If the player does not manage to roll lucky, the card goes to the bottom of the pile and that player is forced to return any blue dice they may have. Whoever earns five Score Cards first wins.

riskandrewardAlong the way, players may also use the Yes and No cards to make bets on whether or not a player will match their dice. If players bets correctly, they earn an additional blue die to use during their turn. If a player guesses incorrectly, he or she must return a blue die.

If Bingo had a mischievous twin, it would be Bing-Oh!. Similar to the original game, players try to get six chips in a row. The first player to get 20 points wins. Players can either choose Normal Play—the yellow side of the Bingo board—or Craaaaaaaazy Play—the red side of the Bingo Board. The latter has more Special Spaces on it, therefor spicing up the game a bit more.


Some special spaces allow players to add one or more chips to any game space of their choice, take back all their chips that opponents stole, or add a chip to their opponent’s board to prevent that player from getting six in a row. Additionally, if a player rolls a dice with stars in the corner, they may take one chip for each star from an opponent. The player that wins the round earns 5 points, and is one step closer to becoming the reigning champ.

The Ten Dollar Game Night collection features games that are sure to be a big hit, but with little cost.

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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

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