That Girl Lay Lay Singing Lay Lay Doll | Source: Just Play/The Toy Insider

In That Girl Lay Lay on Nickelodeon, a teenager named Sadie finds herself needing a best friend to talk to. Lay Lay is the best friend anyone could ever want, but she’s actually a personal affirmation app — at least at first. After Sadie makes a wish, Lay Lay the phone avatar comes alive to be a real best friend, teaching Sadie how to stand out. The two learn that they can accomplish anything when they’re together.

Kids can have a take-home bestie for themselves with Just Play’s That Girl Lay Lay Singing Lay Lay Doll. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, this 11-inch doll comes dressed in a sparkly silver shirt with a white-and-silver jacket over it, a ruffled skirt, and platform sneakers with sheer socks — an outfit inspired by her wardrobe from the Nickelodeon series. It also comes with accessories, including a tiara, a purple microphone, and a chain necklace that says “Lay Lay” on it. 

The doll comes with accessories like a tiara and a purple microphone. | Source: Just Play

In real life, Lay Lay is also a teenage hip-hop sensation, and it just so happens that she sings the theme song to her TV series. Kids can place the necklace on the Lay Lay doll and push down on the necklace charm to hear her sing the show’s theme song. The doll is fully poseable so kids can make Lay Lay sing into her microphone or bust a move.

The doll gives kids an opportunity for hair play, too. Lay Lay’s hair comes in two curly poofs that kids can restyle into a fancy updo using the tiara or leave it down in long curls. This doll comes with one outfit, but kids can also dress Lay Lay in the doll clothing from the That Girl Lay Lay Fresh Fashion Wardrobe (sold seperately). The clothing is all interchangeable for maximum styling creativity.

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The Singing Lay Lay Doll is a must-have for Lay Lay fans. The box has fun facts about the superstar on the back, including her dream vacay (the Maldives), her inspiration (her dad), and something she really wants (a teacup poodle). The packaging even incorporates a multicolored poodle cut-out by the doll’s side before kids unbox it. Here’s an idea: Fans can also cut out the photos of the real-life Lay Lay on the box to tape them on their notebook or on their wall like a poster.

If your kids love Lay Lay, hip-hop, or dolls they can style and dress up, this Singing Lay Lay Doll will make the perfect addition to their collection.

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