A new doll line, The Beatrix Girls, from PopStar Club, is a collectible line of pop star dolls driven by original music. The bandmates are set to empower girls throughout the country to rock out and be themselves. Each member of the band has a fully developed personality. Brayden, Ainsley, Lark, and Chantal live and interact in the human world—producing real music, real hits, and real fans. Kids can collect their music, join their fan club, and vicariously live the fantasy of being a pop star through play.

Since each of these girls has a different personality, kids can choose their favorite band member, just like they would with any of their other favorite bands (I, for one, was a huge fan of Ginger Spice of Spice Girls fame). Brayden, the band’s “front doll,” is a driven, ambitious, genuine LA woman, who is sharp as a tack and sweet, considerate, and socially conscious. Ainsley is the Southern Belle drummer who is sweet and quiet until she gets behind the drum set—then watch out! Lark, the bass-playing redhead and the true rocker chick of the group, is an extreme sports athlete who’s extremely passion about everything in her life—from sports to music and everything in between. Chantel, the French Canadian keyboardist, is the gentle, logical, and level-headed member of the group—but she is just as full of hard work ethic and determination as the rest of the girls. The Beatrix Girls have bold personalities and a strong confidence with which they wear that personality—a great message for girls to follow. With their individuality and real interactions in the human world, the band members have personal styles that kids can relate to so they too can feel like they’re a pop star. (Check out their website for music, blogs written by the band members, and videos.)

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