Watch The Eggventurers on YouTube Kids. | Source: GoldieBlox

Are kids ready for a new Eggventure? The second wave of The Eggventurers started dropping last week, with new episodes full of *egg-citing* fun.

STEM toy company GoldieBlox launched The Eggventurers as a 3D-animated TV series on YouTube Kids. Each episode of The Eggventurers is just over seven minutes long and follows the Eggventurers — Robin, Pascha, Goose, Ducky, and Red — as they solve problems in the world around them using STEM kills. The Eggventurers don’t have arms or legs, so they have to be extra resourceful. For example, they use the science of baking to save their friend Shelly’s birthday, design crazy Rube Goldberg machines to launch rockets into the sky, save animals, and more! 

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The first season of The Eggventurers is 13 episodes long with the first seven episodes already available on the GoldieBlox YouTube channel. No matter what danger is near, the Eggventurers are here!

Check out the trailer below! 

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